Our "Total Privacy Policy"

At TheWebMachine Networks and Rebar IT Outsourcing, we take privacy VERY seriously. Forget about endless pages of legal garbage telling you just how your data and privacy will be bought, sold and violated for monetary gain! We have the simplest privacy policy in the world:

  1. We will NEVER sell, rent, or recklessly distribute your personal information to ANYONE for ANY REASON!

    • When you subscribe to our products on AWS on an hourly basis, we only receive your State/Country, size/number of instances/hours ran, ​and a randomly assigned unique ID # (NOT your AWS Subscriber ID).

    • When you subscribe to our products on AWS on an annual basis, we also receive your AWS Subscriber # in addition to the other information above. This information is supplied by AWS on a non-optional basis via standard reporting systems. 

    • When you contact us for support, we ask for your name, email address, and AWS Subscriber #. This information is only used to contact you during the course of the current support incident and to validate your subscription to our products on AWS.

    • When you purchase additional paid support credits directly from us, we do NOT require you to provide any additional information beyond the above. This information is only used to service your support account.

    • AWS obtains and utilizes your personal and billing information in accordance with their policies located here. These policies are beyond the control of TheWebMachine Networks and Rebar IT Outsourcing.

  2. We will NEVER disclose the personal information you entrust us with to 3rd parties without your consent, including advertisers (we display NO AD NETWORKS OF ANY KIND on our websites), and will warn you when 3rd party features may directly collect your personal information!

    • You may contact us at any time to request a copy of your information on file with us and we will supply that information to you via an industry standard compressed file folder format within 72 hours, so long as you provide us with enough information to properly identify you in our records to complete the request.​

    • You may also request that we delete all of the information we have on file for you and this will be completed within 5 business days. However, it is important to note that the following information cannot be "deleted" from our records while you are a current subscriber, as this information is provided by AWS to us for the purposes of billing and support in our standard reporting systems. You will need to contact AWS directly to have personal information scrubbed from those records according to their own policies:

      • State/Country​

      • Size, number of instances, and total hours ran

      • AWS Subscriber ID #

  3. We will NEVER spam your phone numbers or email addresses! While you may OPT-IN to our email alerts and announcements, we will only send urgent/important information and we will NEVER allow others to send unsolicited messages on our behalf!

    • ALL email communications from us will originate via an @thewebmachine.net email address and we will never ask you to directly provide sensitive information, like passwords, via email.​ 


There is only ONE EXCEPTION to the above, as we are governed by the laws of the United States of America:

  • We will comply with constitutionally legal subpoenas or court orders requiring us to hand over information on a person or persons of interest for the purposes of law enforcement against illegal activities. We WILL, however, exercise any and all legal remedies afforded to us to protect the privacy of our customers, our company, and its employees beyond this limited circumstance.

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