To allow you to "get a feel" for FreePBX®, we have launched a limited public live demo of FreePBX®. Before you try out the demo, please take notice of the following:

  • The Public Demo site is a live FreePBX® installation running on lower-end hardware in the AWS cloud. It has been limited in such a way that you will not be able to make or receive calls to the outside world with the system

  • Yes, you can configure extensions and connect softphones or other endpoints to the server to test the internal functions (like the echotest, voicemail, calling other extensions, intercom, etc), but inbound/outbound trunking to the real world has been DISABLED (ON PURPOSE!)

  • There is only a single sign-on for the public demo and it can be modified by anyone at any time, BUT PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHER PEOPLES' TESTING AND DO NOT ENTER PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING OR SENSITIVE INFORMATION!

  • The server will be occasionally reset back to a clean state and the password below randomly changed

  • The purpose of this demo is to introduce you to the interface to demonstrate the ease of use and versatility of the platform



To connect to the Public Demo, click the link to open the WebGUI in your browser and use the credentials presented below:



If you wish you test a softphone or another SIP endpoint with an extension, first create the extension in the web admin interface (Applications > Extensions), then use the information below to connect (IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU CREATE EXTENSIONS USING CHAN_SIP. IF YOU WISH TO TRY CHAN_PJSIP, USE PORT 5061):

  • Server: or

  • Port: 5060

  • Username: <your extension number>

  • Password: <secret set on your extension>



A few feature codes you can try include:

  • *43 - Echo Test

  • *65 - Announce extension number

  • *60 - Speaking Clock

  • *98 - Voicemail (if enabled in extension settings)

  • *887 - A Text To Speech Welcome Message (uses AWS Polly!)

PRIVACY WARNING: Clicking the "Launch an Instance" button on this page will expose your personal information to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their affiliates for the purposes of processing your subscription. Click here to view our Total Privacy Policy.

Online Demo

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