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Monthly Support Plans give you peace of mind on a budget!

Tailored especially for Small to Medium Businesses, these Paid Support Plans provide steep discounts on our top-rated support in exchange for a term commitment and base monthly charge - as little as $50/month! Pick a plan size to meet your support needs and pay flat rates that are guaranteed NEVER to increase during your term.

Our basic plan adds 1 Paid Support Credit to your account every cycle that can roll-over for 1 additional cycle. This means you'll always have immediate access to our Support Staff via our Emergency Phone Support Hotline 24/7/365, including holidays. Perfect for that unexpected hiccup, error, or bug! You can also schedule Phone or Screen Share Support Sessions for assistance with special projects and advanced configuration support.


Have a major project or disastrous month? Purchase additional credits anytime at our max discount - 35% off the "a la carte" rate - and get as much help as you need! All plans include Priority Support Status with free Live Chat and Email, as well as access to our Emergency Phone Support Hotline and Screen Share Support. A 6 or 12-month non-cancelable commitment is required, but you may upgrade to a larger Plan at any time without extending your commitment.

You can view your Paid Support Credit Balance and Plan Status at any time by logging into your Paid Support Account. All Support provided is subject to our Support Terms and Total Privacy Policy.

NOTE: You must create or log into a Support Account in order to subscribe to a plan below. This is NOT the same as your AWS or Sangoma Account. We manually review and confirm all new account requests within a few hours. All AWS FreePBX customers are welcome to contact our Support Staff via Live Chat, Support Request, or Email at any time, for any reason, at no charge whatsoever, without creating a Support Account or purchasing a Paid Support Plan or Credits, but will be provided Standard Support only, per our Support Types and Terms.

Compare to our "a la carte" rate of US$100/Credit-Hour...